Women's Compulsory - State Qualifiers

Regional Qualifiers

Women's Xcel State Qualifiers

Gold - Isabelle, Kaitlyn, Cylee, Sarah, Olivia, Allison, Kayla (not pictured), Isabel (not pictured)

Diamond -Mea, Jordyn

Platinum - Sloan, T'Ana, Emerson

Special thanks to State Representative George Dunbar for recognizing our gym and our State and Regional qualifying gymnasts for their hard work this year! 

Men's State Qualifiers

Level 9 - Camden

Level 5 - Lorenzo, Lenny, Nolan

Level 4 - Noah, Declan, Alexander, Andrew, Aidan

(Group Picture Front Row)

Women's Level 9 - Capriana, Isabella

Women's Level 8 - Hannah, Kayce

Men's Level 9 - Camden

Men's Level 5 - Lorenzo, Lenny, Nolan

Congratulations to All of Our State and Regional Qualifiers!

2018 Regional And State Qualifiers

Level 9 - Capriana, Isabella

Level 8 - Kyla, Frances, Hannah, Kayce

Level 7  - Cayla, Lettie

Level 6 - Rayna, Carly, Abbey, Sarah, Anna, Jenna, Lianna

Women's Optionals - State Qualifiers

Level 4 - Alyssa, Adeline, Cameryn (not pictured)

Level 3 - Kayley, Sophia, Drea, Giada, Gemma, Paisun (not pictured), Kimora (not pictured)