Women's Compulsory - State Qualifiers

Women's Xcel State Qualifiers

Special thanks to State Representative George Dunbar for recognizing our gym and our State and Regional qualifying gymnasts for their hard work this year! 

(Group Picture Front Row)

Women's Level 9 - Capriana, Isabella

Women's Level 8 - Hannah, Kayce

Men's Level 9 - Camden

Men's Level 5 - Lorenzo, Lenny, Nolan

Congratulations to All of Our State and Regional Qualifiers!

2018 Regional And State Qualifiers

Level 9 - Capriana, Isabella

Level 8 - Kyla, Frances, Hannah, Kayce

Level 7  - Cayla, Lettie

Level 6 - Rayna, Carly, Abbey, Sarah, Anna, Jenna, Lianna

Women's Optionals - State Qualifiers

Level 4 - Alyssa, Adeline, Cameryn (not pictured)

Level 3 - Kayley, Sophia, Drea, Giada, Gemma, Paisun (not pictured), Kimora (not pictured)

Regional Qualifiers

Gold - Isabelle, Kaitlyn, Cylee, Sarah, Olivia, Allison, Kayla (not pictured), Isabel (not pictured)

Diamond -Mea, Jordyn

Platinum - Sloan, T'Ana, Emerson

Men's State Qualifiers

Level 9 - Camden

Level 5 - Lorenzo, Lenny, Nolan

Level 4 - Noah, Declan, Alexander, Andrew, Aidan