Friday Nights 

​6:00 pm -7:30 pm 

ABG Athleitcs offers Youth Athletic Skills Development Clinics multiple times throughout the year.  Clinics are taught by Certified Gymnastics Instructors.          
Your Children will have Fun while they will focus on:

Coordination, Core Strength and Body Awareness developed through Gymnastic Skills.

Not everyone who participates in “Athletic Motor Skills” (Gymnastics Type Training) is going on to a pro career. You can bet that those who do participate are going to have a BIG advantage in their sports especially if this program is started at an early age.  We call this “Blue Printing”.

Below are the attributes and skills that are developed, honed and measured in our programs:

  • Flexibility: Gymnastics movements require flexibility. Flexibility gives the athlete in any sport a competitive advantage, and helps protect the athlete from injury.
  • Strength: Gymnastics develops the strongest and most agile athletes in the world. A stronger body can enable higher level of performance and is also a key component in injury prevention.
  • Technique: The techniques taught and learned by gymnasts can be found in many other sports.
  • Balance: Gymnastics requires perfection in form and balance. Form and balance is also critical to most other sports like soccer, football, basketball, cheerleading, dance, the martial arts, tennis, baseball, motor cross and pretty much any sport that requires movement.
  • Spatial Awareness: Through gymnastics training you will learn how to be aware of your body moving and position relative to your environment. Spatial awareness can benefit the athlete in all sports. Being aware of how your body is moving relative to the ground is critical, and key in preventing injury.


Upcoming Youth Athletic Skills Development Clinics

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