Sloan Janiro is a Senior at Norwin High School. Sloan has been a member of Biond's competitive team and staff of instructors for many years. She is currently one of our Pre-Team and Shining Stars coaches, where she continues to spread her knowledge and love for gymnastics to the next generation of gymnasts. Upon graduation, Sloan will be continuing her education at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in early childhood education and special education.

“This sport has taught me to never stop or quit, but to get back up and try a new way. You try and try until you achieve your goal. I believe that is the most important lesson from gymnastics that I will take away and cherish!” 
-Sloan Janiro, Class of 2020 



Nicole Simeone is currently a senior in high school, and had been homeschooled her whole life. She’s in the Xcel program as a level Platinum.

Nicole has been a competitive gymnast at ABG for two years and a recreational coach for one year. She has loved working with her coaches and teammates as well as improving immensely in her own skills and helping others to do the same!

After graduating, she plans on getting a nursing degree with the goal of eventually becoming a physician’s assistant. 

Biondi's 2020 Seniors