Special events 

Open Gym 

January 26th, 2019

2:00 pm

Children from all classes are welcome to attend our free evaluation to determine readiness for one our Pre-competitive or competitive programs.

Programs include: 
Shining Stars- Precompetitive program (1 hour/ 1-2 days a week) 
Advanced Stars- Precompetitive program (2 hours/ 2 days a week) 
Pre-Team- Precompetitive program (3 hours/ 2 days per week) 
Junior Olympic Compulsory- Competitive program (4 hours 3-4 days per week) 
Xcel -Competitive program (4 hours/ 2 -3 days per week)

Students attending will be evaluated in multiple categories including current skill levels on each event, as well as strength, flexibility and coachability. Parents will then be provided a recommendation for which class their student would fit best. Detailed information with schedules and tuition costs will be provided the day of tryouts.